Joss Stirling

So now, as skies darken, and the days end, together we glow.


Book 2 in the YA dystopian Peril series.

A Tean and Perilous in love? That's not possible, according to the two races who have been at war for millennia.

Meri Marlowe and Kel Douglas believe they have escaped their enemies in London, only to find trouble has come with them. Kel won't be allowed to land on Atlantis and Meri, the heir to the Atlantean throne, refuses to go on without him.

When the deadlock is violently broken, both Meri and Kel must find a way to survive the attacks of those who want them dead. Meri digs deeper into Atlantean history for answers while Kel travels far across a climate-stressed France to find his allies.
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