Joss Stirling

There are gifts you do not want. Mine has marked me out to be hunted. Now I am the last of my kind. Because I see peril.

Seventeen-year-old Meri Marlowe may be the last of her kind. Able to see peril – a colour in the UV spectrum – she is hunted by mortal enemies who will settle for nothing less than the end of her race. After losing her American parents, she has been on the run for years and is now hiding out in a climate-changed London with her guardian, Theo.

Kel Douglas is one of an ancient people whose skin is covered in beautiful peril-coloured patterns when they come of age. By day he is an ordinary student, the rest of the time he is bodyguard to the heir to the throne. That’s until he meets Meri.

First book in a new series set in the near future. Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games or the Starcrossed Trilogy.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my new series.

First a little word of explanation.

You will have noticed that we've passed through a dystopian phase in YA for a few years. Just like with vampire/fallen angel paranormal and the line I took in Finding Sky, I find the extreme versions in many of these series too far from my own experience. However, I do find the prospect of climate change frightening and it is coming so I wanted to make the (possible) climate-changed dystopian future a little less unknown and scary by imagining myself into it. This is the world of Meri and Kel.

Fantasy of colour
Another source of inspiration for the plot was something I've thought about for a while. I'm fascinated by the idea that we might see differently from each other, just as wolves see the world with only two cone receptors, and some birds see so much better. This led me to the idea that there are colours only a handful of people can see.

In my other series I have moved from couple to couple in each book. Many of you asked for sequels so I thought it time I tried following a single couple for a trilogy. I hope you like Meri and Kel because there is a lot more for them to do together!


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