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Big news - STRUCK (Storm and Stone) wins Romantic Novel of the Year award!

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I'm thrilled to announce that STRUCK (formerly Storm and Stone) won the Romantic Novel of the Year at the RNA awards as well as the YA category. I'm really surprised and chuffed by the honour. Thanks everyone who voted for Kieran and Raven.
Book trailer for Stung (sequel to Struck) - just click below to find out what the new book holds in store for the Young Detectives. Out now!

Angel Dares, the next book in the savant series, is out in October. You can catch a sneak-peek below...You can pre-order the book in my shop.

Joss Stirling's books on Goodreads
Finding Sky Finding Sky (Benedicts, #1)
reviews: 897
ratings: 9193 (avg rating 4.12)

Stealing Phoenix Stealing Phoenix (Benedicts, #2)
reviews: 462
ratings: 4769 (avg rating 4.31)

Seeking Crystal Seeking Crystal (Benedicts, #3)
reviews: 360
ratings: 3486 (avg rating 4.33)

Challenging Zed Challenging Zed (Benedicts, #1.5)
reviews: 103
ratings: 1292 (avg rating 4.11)

Storm and Stone Storm and Stone (Struck, #1)
reviews: 86
ratings: 639 (avg rating 4.08)

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